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Národní 20
Reduta Jazz Club, Národní 20
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Národní 20, Praha 1

N.Y. saxofon star

WORLD MUSIC WAVE 12.7.-27.7.2014
Eric Wyatt
is one of the very few Jazz Musicians that was born an raised in New york. His father was a musician who played with some of the greatest Jazz musicians. Eric can remember meeting at a very young age some of the Legends of this music. His father Charles Wyatt played tenor saxophone an some times he would often drive the band members that played with Sonny Rollins to perform. The musicians were Larry Ridley Albert Dailey drummer David Lee, Wilber Ware also Gilley Goggins, Gary Bartz, Scoby Stroman, Paul Jeffries and Roland Alexander were also good friends who would come by the house. It was thru this history Eric LEARNED ABOUT THIS MUSIC. He also met Miles Davis at the Bottom Line performing in the early 70’s.

Hanka Gregušová is one of the most striking singing sensations of Slovak music scene. She started singing pop and rock music when she was only 15 years old. But it was never her ambition to become a pop singer. She has been much more attracted to the world of soul & jazz music and the first taste of it she got during her stay in U.S.A. When she returned back to Slovakia she started to perform with excellent jazz musicians like Gabriel Jonáš, Ľubo Šrámek, etc. During this period she has done countless concerts in various music clubs that helped her to develop her vocal skills as well as shaped her musical directions. Now she put all that experience into her debut album Reflections of my soul.

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