NIE: The End of Everything Ever

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27.06.2014 19:00
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25.06.2014 19:00

NIE Theatre: The End of Everything Ever

Agata is 6 years old, she is going to the railway station with her father, everyone is very happy, only she has the strange feeling that she will never see him again. On the train tired and hungry she absent-mindedly chews on the paper name tag tied around her neck and very slowly consumes her name and address erasing any chance of getting back home again.

Drawing on true stories and accounts of the Kindertransport NIE shine a light into some of our continents darkest history and emerge with a story of survival, love and hope. Using a six-piece band on stage, multiple languages, and an array of theatrical styles from clowning to high tragedy NIE bring you in their epic show The End of Everything Ever.

This performance is played in English, Norwegian and Czech. Ages: 14+

This exceptional ensemble combines exquisite, highly physical acting and wonderfully integrated live music.
– The Daily Telegraph

NIE – winners of a Herald Angel award for a previous show – are adept at giving harsh, factual history a touchingly human face. And at mixing comedy and tragedy so as to open our hearts and minds to a past that must not be forgotten.
– The Herald Newspaper

Epic and comic at the same time… scintillating.
– Hospodářské Noviny, Prague

Director: Alex Byrne
Dramaturgy: Kjell Moberg
Principal Actors: Barbora Látalová, David Hlaváč, Iva Moberg, Kjell Moberg, Robert Orr, Kieran Edwards

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